Who We Are

Cultivating Racially and Culturally Competent Communities

Our Mission

Raising Multicultural Kids is an educational based non-profit organization dedicated to increasing racial and cultural competency in local communities through deep engagement with schools, educational experts, and local citizens.  It is our mission to ensure that

  •  Each child gains greater self-esteem and respect for others
  •  Each child sees themself modeled in curriculum, in teachers, in leadership roles
  •  Each child gains greater clarity of the harmful impact of exclusion and racism
  •  Children and families are supported after a racial incident occurs
  •  Communities learn language and skills to engage in productive conversations around race and racism
  •  Communities listen and are educated in a more inclusive and personal way than ever before
  •  People are empowered to be agents of change and feel supported while doing so

Our History

Raising Multicultural Kids was founded in 2019 after our co-President’s (Kelly Lamb) Kindergartener experienced multiple racial incidents at school.  After reaching out to the local community for support, she found that her family was not the only one experiencing racial issues, as many kids of color began to have these experiences as early as K, 1st or 2nd grade.  School-based racial incidents are a nationwide issue and certainly not unique to Easton, but our group of parents decided to take ownership of what was happening in order to bring about positive change in the school system and community as a whole.

Our Vision

True to our mission to cultivate a multicultural mindset and empower social justice action, we facilitate many enrichment programs, community events, and discussions on current cultural and racial issues. Committed to supporting each other, we work closely with school and town partners to bring in resources focused on the following core topics: 

  • Multicultural PreK-12 curriculum
  • Enhanced Social Justice curriculum standards
  • Inclusion and diversity (especially in teaching staff)
  • Systemic and interpersonal racism
  • Developing youth leaders
  • Supporting students experiencing or witnessing racial incidents
  • Educating parents and the greater community

Our school-focused initiatives provide children with the skills needed to navigate and celebrate different cultures, empower participants to advocate for equality and prepare students for future employment success in this evolving global marketplace.  Our public programs further support our school-based efforts as they facilitate the continuation of these conversations at home.  Families and community members also need a safe space where they are supported and collectively gain the strength to continue advocating for justice and equality.  Raising Multicultural Kids fills that need, as we work to build each other up, pull together local leadership, bring in resources, and take necessary actions to build equity. 

We have worked with a number of other towns to share our programs and resources. If you are interesting in seeing how we can partner with your town, please email us at RMKeaston@gmail.com.

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