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Diversify your classroom leadership and curriculum now!

Creating a more diverse and inclusive learning environment is challenging for a district when over 90% of teachers in the state are white, but true to our mission we designed a program to do just that. We recruit, train, pay and support black and brown college student teachers to spend time in K-5th grade classrooms where they read multicultural books and create conversations about race, racism, and social justice. Since our founder’s youngest child experienced three racial incidents in kindergarten, we recognize the importance of facilitating these conversations early and work with districts to change curriculum and address this unmet need.

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Diverse Classroom Leadership and Literature

Prior to RMK’s work with Easton Public Schools, it’s teaching staff and administration were 99% white. Now the lower elementary grades have 39 classrooms (55%) with diverse student teachers visiting once a week. Student teachers not only serve as role models and create essential lesson plans, but time in the classroom provides them the opportunity to explore teaching as a career. All student teachers are mentored and when one decides to major in education, we work with local universities to put into place any supports needed to ensure their success. In the long-term this program has the potential to diversify curriculum and teaching demographics across Massachusetts. We have expanded our work to include 4 school districts and eventually we hope to secure additional funding to grow throughout the state. Read more about the program here

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Kid’s Virtual Bedtime Book Club

The Kid’s Virtual Bedtime Book club started as a way to share some of the work we do in the classroom with families. Everyone is welcome to join and have their child listen to multicultural books read by a diverse group of college students. This experience is meant to provide children with windows and mirrors- “Windows” are books that show children the world beyond them, and “Mirrors” are books that allow children to see themselves as worthy of being the center of a story. Kids need both. It’s not only important for kids to learn about other people and cultures, but it’s essential for them to interact with diverse leadership, which is why this book club focuses on providing both. The book club meets every Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 (ages 3-5) and 7:00 (ages 6-10) from October-June. Check out our Eventbrite page to register.

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Youth Led Social Justice Programs and Events

The Youth Forum is a space to celebrate and uplift local youth voices by engaging in dialogue that expands our understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism and social justice while building relationships in our schools and communities. We are committed to creating an accepting, warm, and welcoming environment for all young voices while also aiming to challenge our preconceptions of multiculturalism. Learn more at Youth Forum

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Social Justice Standards and Multicultural Curriculum

We examine the diversity in our school curriculum and resources to ensure accurate history and diverse stories are being taught.  This includes working with the teaching staff as they develop the new K-5 curriculum.  We recently worked with teachers and curriculum experts leadership and wrote new social justice standards to augment what DESE’s latest standards. We also have a large selection of multicultural books that have been read and scored books to find the best materials to teach to the new social justice standards. Our Diverse Student Leaders also use these books and teach these lesson plans in as part of our DCLL program.

Adult Let’s Talk About Race Club

Last year a smaller group formed from our then monthly community education events. This group comes together on a regular basis with the mission to create an informed community of change-makers through education and engagement on race related topics. This group is honest and real and sometimes uncomfortable. You couldn’t pick a better group to surround yourself by to deepen your work and expand your network of informed change makers! Check out our events page for upcoming events.

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Community Education and Support

We partner with experts to offer quarterly training and workshops to the community. Examples of topics we’ve discussed are the importance of multicultural curriculum, curriculum violence, the problem with color-blindness, Walking in my Shoes: Community members sharing what it’s like to live in their skin, role-play conversations on race, and a panel discussion on the documentary 13th.

We also serve as a platform to amplify the voices of our multicultural families when they experience incidents because of their race or culture. We pull together RMK members, local leaders, and other local groups to address the family’s needs and recruit additional supports. We also serve as a space for anyone doing this work to unite and collectively gain the strength to continue advocating for equity. We also host social events to get to know each other and do self-care.

Taunton T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R. Youth Program– To learn more about our work on T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R. please visit You can also learn more about its impact and outcomes here.

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