We are a group of parents dedicated to helping our students obtain a multicultural education. We have partnered with our local schools and town officials to work in the following three areas.

Outreach and Event Planning

This group locates and partners with outside resources to bring in services, goods, and/or funds to the schools and our group.  Examples include reaching out to coaches (like John who brings in the soccer players from South Africa), local officers of color, colleges, restaurants, speakers, trainers, etc.). Members also help plan our educational and community events.

Curriculum Development and Classroom Resources

This group examines the diversity in our school curriculum and resources.  This includes working with the staff as they develop the new K-5 curriculum for 2020-2021.  We will also work with the older grades on their current curriculum.  This group will also be responsible for going through the school’s libraries, art rooms, etc. to make sure there are diverse resources for our students.  They can also work with the outreach group to schedule trainings and other programs for the school staff and/or students.

Staff Diversity

This group helps facilitate diverse leadership representation within Easton’s classrooms by working with our high school students of color, local college students, and other outside resources.  This group will help locate volunteers and coordinate their time in each of the lower classrooms (grades K-5) where they will assist the teacher and serve as a resource/role model for the children.  We also need to help workout any transportation issues to the lower schools.  These positions offer our volunteers the benefit of accruing community service hours and/or enhancing their resumes.  The Staff Diversity and Student Relations group will also serve as liaisons between our group and various student groups, such as the honor society and multicultural club.  They will be responsible for working with student groups to bring back their ideas and issues, and also assist in helping them obtain necessary resources.