What We Do

We are a group of parents dedicated to helping our students obtain a multicultural education. We have partnered with our local schools and town officials to work in the following three areas.

Community Education

We partner with experts to offer monthly training and workshops to the community. Examples of topics we’ve discussed are the importance of multicultural curriculum, curriculum violence, the problem with color-blindness, Walking in my Shoes: Community members sharing what it’s like to live in their skin, role-play conversations on race, and a panel discussion on the documentary 13th. We also have a bi-monthly book club with over 80 active members.

PreK-12 Curriculum Development and Classroom Resources

We examine the diversity in our school curriculum and resources to ensure accurate history and diverse stories are being taught.  This includes working with the teaching staff as they develop the new K-5 curriculum for 2020-2021.  We recently worked with school leadership and wrote new social justice standards to augment what DESE’s latest standards. We are currently grading and scoring books to find the best materials to teach to the new social justice standards.

School Staff Diversity

Unfortunately, 92% of teachers in MA are white and in predominantly white school districts that percentage is even higher. School is one of our children’s first experiences of community leadership and the omission of BIPOC can have profound effects on our BIPOC and white students. Black students that have had a black teacher by 3rd grade are 13% more likely to go to college, and if they’ve had two black teachers are 30% more likely to obtain a college degree. It is also important for our white students to see BIPOC leadership in the community, as the omission can give the wrong impression. We help facilitate diverse leadership representation within Easton’s classrooms by working with our high school students, local college students, and other outside resources to recruit multiracial classroom volunteers. We coordinate their time in the lower classrooms (grades K-5) where they assist teachers and serve as a resource/role model for all of the children. 

Click the Listen Here button below for more on the positive impact when given the opportunity of cultural representation in the classroom

Youth Forum

The goal of the youth forum is to bring together youth from the Easton community to lead conversations with their peers on race, racism and social justice.  This is also a place for young people to feel safe and supported as they do this work. RMK works to bring in resources such as mentorship, project management training and additional coaching for our young leaders.

Community Support

We serve as a platform to amplify the voices of our multicultural families when they experience incidents as a result of their race or culture. We pull together RMK members, local leaders, and other local groups to address the families needs and recruit additional supports. We also serve as a space for anyone doing this work to unite and collectively gain the strength to continue advocating for equity. We also host social events to get to know each other and do self-care.

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